Photo of Zack’s Mom, Cleopatra

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Here is a photo of Zack’s beautiful mom, Cleopatra.  You can see her lovely smile.

I just have to share it.

Video of the Art of Japanese Katazame

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is where you can see a six minute video on Oregon Art Beat of the art of making Japanese katazame (Japanese stencil dyeing) done by Karen Miller of  Corvallis, Oregon,  a former marine biologist from Oregon State University, who now practices the Japanese art of katazome. She creates original stencils, works with rice paste, and handcrafts fabrics, and makes wall hangings and quilts.

Is this something you want to try?

“Two Woman Show: Denise Oyama Miller & Nancy Ryan” at Contra Costa County Public Law Library, Martinez, California through December 6, 2012

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Two Woman Show:  Denise Oyama Miller & Nancy Ryan  is at Contra Costa County Public Law Library in Martinez, California, through December 6, 2012.  This show features the impressionistic landscapes and other colorful art quilts of SAQA members Denise Oyama Miller and Nancy Ryan.

Mountain Meadow

Denise Oyama Miller – “Mountain Meadow”

County Courthouse

“PB Retro: Interpretations in Cloth” at Quilt Museum and Gallery, York, United Kingdom, through December 1, 2012

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PB Retro: Interpretations in Cloth is at Quilt Museum and Gallery in York, United Kingdom through December 1, 2012  Burbidge

Pauline Burbidge – “Horizons of Puglia”

This exhibition features the work of Pauline Burbidge.  PB Retro:  Interpretations in Cloth has been drawn from major galleries and collections.

Quilt Museum and Gallery

“Soft Fiber with a Cutting Edge” at Pinnacle Towers, McLean, Virginia, through December 31, 2012

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Soft Fiber with a Cutting Edgeis at Pinnacle Towers in McLean, Virginia, through  December 31, 2012. 

SAQA members Cindy Grisdela, Floris Flam and Eileen Doughty exhibit a collection of abstract and landscape-inspired art quilts.


Floris Flam – “Downtown”

Pinnacle Towers

“Karen Linduska – Fantasy Garden Fiber Art” at Metropolitan Square Building, St. Louis, Missouri, through October 31, 2012

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Karen Linduska – Fantasy Garden Fiber Art  is at Metropolitan Square Building,  St. Louis, Missouri through October  31, 2012  Mexican Sunflowers

Karen Linduska – “Mexican Sunflowers”

This invitational  show features twenty of Karen Linduska’s Fantasy Garden art quilts. She starts out with white vintage tablecloths. The fabric is painted and dyed, then images are colored and outlined with marker and prisma color pencils. She also does free form machine embroidery with decorative stitches. Netting, tulle, velvet, silk, ribbon, yarn and tons of thread are used to create bright, highly textured botanical images.

For more info:

   Metropolitan Square Building

“Art from Cloth: Extreme Quilters 2012” at Thousand Oaks Community Gallery, Newbury Park, California, through October 14, 2012

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Art from Cloth:  Extreme Quilters 2012 is  at Thousand Oaks Community Gallery in Newbury Park, California, through  October 14, 2012.


Betty Amador –  “Nocturne”

Photo is the Gallery’s,

Extreme Quilters, a group of over 20 talented textile artists, is presenting its third annual fiber art show.

Thousand Oaks Community Gallery

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