A Tribute to a Great Dog: Obie

February 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

This has been a very sad and lonely week for us, as our dog, Obie (a.k.a. Obidiah) has passed away.

He, a long coat German shepherd, was the most incredible dog: loving, gentle, friendly to everyone, beautiful, so smart!  We have had so many rescue dogs, dogs that were dumped at the dead end of our road, and others over the years.  Obie was the first dog we got as a puppy; he was so small and  grew to be so large.  Our friends called him the “Gentle Giant.”

Obie is survived by his sister, Sunny, who is bewildered at her brother not being here.  She has been so quiet and has been following me around.

These are my favorite photos of the Obster.

The assistants and techs at our vet’s would call him “The Brad Pitt of shepherds,” when I took him in.  We would laugh.

Obie with his most precious belonging.

Sunny, Obie’s sister

§ 2 Responses to A Tribute to a Great Dog: Obie

  • Jennifer says:

    I am so sad to hear this – we will certainly miss him when we come to your home.

  • Summer Said says:

    Obie is gorgeous and I certainly feel your pain. I am a total animal lover, even the icky ones like insects and reptiles. I see beauty everywhere. But for me, and I have owned many pets and loved them all dearly, nothing came close to the love I had for my GSD Jack or his love in return for me. In a word, he was spectacular and the best friend and companion I have ever had as I am sure was your Obie.
    I am looking into rescuing a GSD as many people who own them do not understand them and end up giving them up. And I know Jack would approve. In fact, I am letting him chose for me. I hope your pain lessens soon.
    God Bless.

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