Charlie – New Family Member

August 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is Charlie, pronunced “Chah – lee”,  the newest member of our family.  My parents had five cats before they passed away recently.  The five gave them so much happiness when my folks were elderly and unable to get around; we feel that the cats need to be placed with new families, not just given to a shelter.   My brother took two, and we took one, Charlie.  We still need to find homes for the two remaining.

The choice was a good one, as he is delightful!  He loves catnip and being pet.  He will stay right where he is until you leave him.  Our grandchildren had so much fun with him, when they just visited us.   They brushed him and pet him and played with him, and he never ran away from them.

We’ve never seen him scratch or bite  anyone. (Except, he does give the dogs a swat if they get too close.)

I feel the need to make a quilt from this photo……..

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