Thoughts on Displaying Small Quilts

December 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Check out Laura Cater-Woods’ blog to see what she is doing with her small works.

You have seen a few of my pieces that are similarly done.    I do think that people “out there” can relate to art presented in this way.  They know that they would hang it on a wall.  With our “soft works”,   I have heard many non-textile people at exhibits and galleries ask “What would I do with that?”

Virginia Bluebells is my hand dyed dupioni silk that I applied to a stretcher frame.  I printed a photo transfer of my bluebells onto Jacquard brand  soft feel silk that is pretreated to be washable using my Epson Photo R1800 printer.  I machine quilted around the designs of the flowers and leaves, completed the piece and then, to secure it to the dupioni,  hand stitched along the top edge and at the two bottom corners.  A hanging wire is on the back of the frame.

Queen Ann's Lace by the Sea is cotton. What you see is a photo transfer
onto cotton that is machine quilted.  The background fabric is my hand
dyed cotton that I stretched over a stretcher frame and stapled on the
back with a heavy duty staple gun. I hand stitched the completed quilt
to the background across the top and at both of the bottom corners.
I then finished the back by applying a hanging wire and brown paper.
This is from a photo taken by Mary Fisher of the sea off shore from
the Newport, Rhode Island mansion, The Breakers. Mary gave me permission
to  use her photo, which I arranged and cropped.


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