An Experience No to be Repeated

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We are home!

Yesterday was a disaster; we were to fly to Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands in the Carribean taking my son and his family as a Christmas gift to them, but we never left Indy’s airport.

We got up at 4AM, and got to the airport at 5AM for a 7:03 flight to Philly, a change of planes there, and on to Provo.

We arrived to go to the end of a line at US Airways, that was all the way through the concourse to the other end.  After an hour and a half wait, it was our turn to check our luggage, etc.  There were only three airline employees at check in to help all the people in our endless line who were flying Coach.
I, the night before, was able to get my son’s, his wife’s, my husband’s and my boarding passes online for the entire trip…funny thing was, boarding passes for our three grandchildren were only between here and Philly.   None for Philly to Provo!
At the desk yesterday, the woman checked and said, “Oh, you’ll have to go on to Philly and try to get boarding passes there for the children.”  US Air did not have them in Indy; there were no seats for them.

We had purchased our tickets in April.
Oh, well.  Then she said that the flight at 7:03 would not be held up for us (it was now 20 minutes before the plane was to leave)..  All the time we waited in the line, an airline employee came by pulling out passengers for Charlotte and then for Pittsburg; he took them to the front of the line to check in so they would not miss their flight, but he never came back to help those of us who were in danger of missing their flight.
At this time, we had fifteen minutes to make our flight.

We made the mistake of going though “family” security, where we were suppose to be able to go through more easily and stay together.  We had to carry the pan with the shoes and everything else from one area to another, not the regular ‘take the shoes off and the jacket, put the carry on on the conveyer belt with the pan, etc, and watch them go through.”  No,  this was carry stuff from one place to another…unreal!

We finally got through security, ran to the gate only to find that our flight had been delayed and had just been changed  to another gate.
We hopped on the auto walk, arrived at the new gate to learn that no one knew what time the flight would leave.
We had 50 minutes as our connector time in Philly.  My husband talked with the pilot, who was standing there, and he said there was no way we could make our connection.

We checked further to learn that all flights were full; we could not get to Provo yesterday.  Maybe we couldn’t get there today or tomorrow either.  There were no seats for the girls out of Philly, as US Airways messed up!

So we came home.  We are hoping to get a full refund from the airline.  We picked up the dogs from the kennel; we called Coral Garden Resort and canceled, also the car rental place.  My son will go back to work and save his vacation time for later.
No trip!

Oh, of course all our six pieces of luggage went to Provo!   Even though it would have missed the connection in Philly,  US Air told us that the luggage would be put on the next flight to Provo…then it would eventually come home.

SO our family will come back here to get their luggage.  We will do a trip to the Children’s Museum, maybe IMax, kid stuff.
Since this trip was their Christmas (I am not going to shop now for gifts.) we’ll give them each a check, I guess.

We have learned that we will not take a trip requiring air travel over a major Holiday; we had not tried this before.

May you and your loved ones enjoy a Happy and Prosperous 2009!

Thoughts on Displaying Small Quilts

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Check out Laura Cater-Woods’ blog to see what she is doing with her small works.

You have seen a few of my pieces that are similarly done.    I do think that people “out there” can relate to art presented in this way.  They know that they would hang it on a wall.  With our “soft works”,   I have heard many non-textile people at exhibits and galleries ask “What would I do with that?”

Virginia Bluebells is my hand dyed dupioni silk that I applied to a stretcher frame.  I printed a photo transfer of my bluebells onto Jacquard brand  soft feel silk that is pretreated to be washable using my Epson Photo R1800 printer.  I machine quilted around the designs of the flowers and leaves, completed the piece and then, to secure it to the dupioni,  hand stitched along the top edge and at the two bottom corners.  A hanging wire is on the back of the frame.

Queen Ann's Lace by the Sea is cotton. What you see is a photo transfer
onto cotton that is machine quilted.  The background fabric is my hand
dyed cotton that I stretched over a stretcher frame and stapled on the
back with a heavy duty staple gun. I hand stitched the completed quilt
to the background across the top and at both of the bottom corners.
I then finished the back by applying a hanging wire and brown paper.
This is from a photo taken by Mary Fisher of the sea off shore from
the Newport, Rhode Island mansion, The Breakers. Mary gave me permission
to  use her photo, which I arranged and cropped.

Coos Museum’s Two Fiber Art Exhibits

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The Coos Museum in Coos Bay,  Oregon, has a couple of fiber art works on exhibit now through February 21, 2009.

Check their web site at:

For the the first exhibit with photos go to:

This is an international competition of art quilts  from SAQA members that were shown at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England.

The second exhibit, “New Focus Art Quilts 2008,” is a traveling exhibition of 50 small format art quilts from five countries.

Go to: for photos of pieces from this exhibit.   This photo is the Museum’s.

Swiss Quilts at New England Quilt Museum

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The New England Quilt Museum will  show Swiss art quilts.

A new exhibit of quilts made by “Fabric Connection” will be shown from January 22 to April 19, 2009, at the New England Quilt Museum.    Each of the seven members  has her own distinct style and developed her own innovative techniques.

Together, Maryline Collioud-Robert, Beatrice Lanter, Elisabeth Portmann, Ursula Kern, Ursula Koenig, Katherina Della Chiesa, and Sylvia Einstein have created the  exhibit.

For more information, visit:

To view the artists’ work, go to

This photo is from the Museum.

by Elisabeth Portmann

Louisiana Creole Gumbo

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We are all so busy this time of the year!  I will be making this creole gumbo recipe, an easy meal to make, and leftovers are the best.  Hubby and I will get a couple of dinners from half the recipe.  I can then spend most of the time this week readying for Christmas.  There are still presents to wrap and cookies to bake…….

Louisiana Creole Gumbo

Serves 6 (as an entré,  serves 8 otherwise)

1 medium onion, chopped finely

2 (10 ½ oz. cans condensed Manhattan style clam chowder (Campbell’s) -(one soup will work, if you don’t have two))

1 lb. canned tomatoes

1 lb. can stewed tomatoes

6 oz. crab meat (optional)

1 (15 oz.) can chili without beans

1 (10 oz.) frozen cut okra

¾ tsp. chili powder

1 lbs. frozen small shrimp I usually add the shrimp about an hour before dinner. ( If added at the beginning, the shrimp shrink up a lot.)

Put in a crockpot and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours or on high for 3 to 4 hours.

You can serve this with or without cooked rice. I use American brown Basmati rice.

Not all grocery stores carry this Campbell’s soup, so you might call groceries in you area to see who does.)

You can also prepare this on the stove, but I never have tried it that way, because the crockpot is so easy to use.

When I half the recipe, I use one can of stewed tomatoes and no canned tomatoes and do not put in crab meat.

This may sound like an odd recipe to you, but everyone loves this gumbo.

All you need to serve with this is a nice green salad.

“Daily Visuals” – Inspiring & Worth Reading

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Jane Dunnewold has recently started a blog with her photography.

She has committed to posting a daily photograph and a few thoughts when applicable – on color, design, spirit and making on “Daily Visuals.”

Her photography and her related notations are well worth your time.  This photo of hydrangeas is an excellent example of the caliber  of her work.

The spot is:

November 18, 2008

Art Quilts XIII: Lucky Break Exhibit

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Art Quilts Year XIII:Lucky Break

The juried exhibit of contemporary art quilts from the U.S., Canada, Belgium, and Israel  is on until the end of the year at the Chandler Center for the Arts at 250 N. Arizona Avenue, Chandler, Arizona.

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