Rejection Letters

September 30, 2008 § 1 Comment

Rejection letters have been received by many fiber artists just recently, I noticed as I read the QuiltartList.

I sure have had my share of rejections. At first I tend to take it personally, but I shouldn’t and I know I shouldn’t. Easier said than done!

In discussing this with fiber artist friends, I have found out that they, too, take the rejection of their work personally. One of my friends saves all her rejection letters. I do not.

I first read the letter and silently think, “How could they not want my quilt?” I begin to chill out; the next day I pitch the letter and go on. I begin thinking about where I will enter that piece next. And I am over it.

Some years back I wrote to all the known quilt-related publishers, as I tried to get a publishing company to take my manuscript for my first book. Every one rejected my proposal! I was told and I had read that this would more likely happen than not.

I worked on writing my second book, which was about Indiana’s Amish Quilts at the Indiana State Museum. The book would have photos and info about the David Pottinger Collection of Amish quilts from Indiana, as well as instructions to make 18 of those quilts.

I was already an American Quilter’s Society certified appraiser of quilted textiles, so I wrote to AQS about their publishing my book. The manuscript was rejected, as they already were doing a book on Amish quilts that year. I didn’t approach any other publishers, because……

that fall I met an editor, who was with a publishing company, at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. She and I talked and she loved the idea of a book about making tee shirt quilts. There was no book out there on the subject.

We met a few months later and she and the publisher (her husband) took the manuscript. The book was published! Fabulous Tee Shirt Quilts was finally realized. That was my third book; the others do not have a publisher. And much time passed before the book was published. Now there are several other books on the subject.

But talk about rejection and not taking it personally……it is not easy. We live and learn from our experiences. All of it has made me a stronger person.

I noticed an interesting and timely article on Christine Kane’s blog. It’s about not taking things personally. You might like to read it. This is the site:

Go out there and choose where you want your work to be exhibited next, if it is not accepted into the first one you entered. Keep trying!

A quilt disaster that turned out well

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“Flower Garden” by Caryl Schuetz

Flower Garden was in a regional show where it won the first place award in

the machine quilting category. It was long arm machine quilted by Cathy Franks.

I later entered it into a national show. The quilt was returned over the

Fourth of July weekend (a week earlier than what the show had said they

would return quilts). We were away that weekend. There was a terrible rain

storm that came through our area, where it rained quantities for days.

We returned home to find the box with the quilt in it in the middle of the

front yard.

The box was so soaked that it was caved in on the top. I assumed that the

package was out in the rain since the Friday before the Fourth. Needless to

say, I was stunned! Then I thought, well the quilt would be fine as it was

in its plastic bag inside the box. I took the package inside and opened it

to find that my quilt was on top of the plastic bag….not in it, and that

my quilt was soaked!

I opened the quilt and saw that, along the main fold lines, the dyes had run.

“Ruined” was my first thought. The quilt was insured and I called UPS.

UPS would have paid me for the value of the piece, but I might have to give

them the quilt.

I thought about that for a few days and decided that I would not collect on

the insurance as I would keep the quilt.

The International Quilt Association was having a new exhibit, “In Full

Bloom I”. I figured that, after gently attempting to get out the bleeding

spots, which did not come out, I would add beading over all the damaged

areas in the piece as well as put beads in the flower centers and other areas…

so the beads would look like they always were part of the design.

I was worked!

The quilt was juried in for the Houston International Quilt Festival, traveled

for one year. It was on exhibit in Chicago and at The Hague in the Netherlands, too!

What could have become a total loss became a work that was on exhibit for a year,

and who would have thought that could happen! ;-D

Magnolias in May

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Magnolias in May

Magnolias in May was shown at the IQF in Chicago April 2007 in the “In Full Bloom” exhibit, as well as in Houston the previous Fall.

A Day to Think About Color and Quilts

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Today it is raining heavily due to two storms coming north along the Atlantic coast.
It's dark and glum outside.
BUT, we can always think about color and quilts.

Some of my work can be seen on the INfiber website at:
Looking at the photos and the colors makes me smile.
INfiber is a group of twenty-one fiber artists who
meet at the Indianapolis Art Center in Indianapolis
on the first Sunday monthly.  Great group!

These two quilted pieces were completed and then hand stitched onto Fabric stretched
over canvas on stretcher frames.  

Above is Virginia Bluebells, which is of dupioni silk that I had hand dyed using MX procion dyes.

Above is Queen Ann's Lace by the Sea, which is cotton. What you see is a photo transfer that is machine quilted. The background on the stretcher frame is one of my hand dyed cottons.

More Massachusetts’ Sunsets

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International Quilt Festival

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The Dancing Lilies is in the “In Full Bloom” exhibit. A photo of Dancing Lilies is on the IQF postcard that was sent to all the vendors for Quilt Market. You can see it on the IQF site at

My piece that is in “The Sky’s the Limit” is Buzzards Bay. The digitals for it are on my desk top computer, which is at home. I’ll put it up when I return home in a couple of weeks.

Buzzards Bay is a disperse dye depiction of a sunset on Buzzards Bay in Southcoast, Massachusetts. For years now I have taken photos of the magnificent sunsets here.

Here are a few:

A New Web Log!

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I finally am starting a blog!

I’ll talk about dyeing fabric, art quilts, photography, my pets, and flower garden, as well as appraising quilts and other quilted textiles, and other subjects textile-related.

The quilt above is Dancing Lilies. It was juried into the International Quilt Festival’s exhibit of “In Full Bloom” and will be shown in that exhibit at the show in Houston the end of October. Then it will travel with the exhibit for a year before it is shipped back to me.

Here’s a detail of it…….

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